Alayiah Rogers:

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady many years ago, when she was eight yrs. old. Like many young ladies at her age, she was just beginning to learn how to be a young lady growing into her own space. Alayiah is very smart, has a great attitude and full of energy.  I am amazed to see those qualities in someone her age. She has a great mother, who wants the best for her. We have both seen tremendous growth and endless possibilities for her future.

With no true free after school programming in the local area, I had the opportunity to develop s a program, that she excitedly, became a part of. Through this program, she has developed tools, that will provide her lasting success with homework and other responsibilities.

Her mom says.

            “This program has taught her a lot of responsibility as far as keeping up with her belongings and tackling homework right after school. She absolutely loves the program.”

This began the journey to continue to help Alayian stay on this path and to see her do the things that her mom wanted to see out of her. Over time also began to see her look at order and authority in a better way. We were here to help not hurt and that wanted to see her excel in more area’s than just academics.

Her mom says:

            “I would highly recommend this program to any and every parent that would love to experience the values and goals that they set for our kids. They are wonderful role models and very down to earth genuine people.”

In the end the program was designed to help single mothers in the area where at times the cost can be overwhelming and costly to their pocket. This program offers them a safe environment for their child that they can trust and know that they are treated well. Showing them different outlets and giving them fun activities that also teach life values that they can use for a life time.

Her mom says:

            “I ‘am so thankful for this program as. As a parent it gives me the free time after work to conduct other task, simply because she’s already finished her homework or she is just so tired from the many activities that they do in a day.”

Over the past two years I say that I can truly see so much growth in Alayiah in what see has done academically and socially. She is has continued to grow into an excellent young lady and that will continue to grow with spiritual leadership and guidance.

Her mom says:

            “Alayiah has grown so much since she has been attending this program. She is able to recite bible verses head on…. It is truly a blessing to have Alayiah part of such a wonderful program. I couldn’t be happier with my decision of putting her in this program.”

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