We Lead

This in-school mentoring program will be a weekly meeting time with an adult volunteer and three youth from three different grade levels. The purpose is to maximize the time of the adult volunteer to reach as many youth in a small amount time. Teaching will include ethics and character building to help them see life in a different way. This one once a week for one-hour mentoring program is geared toward helping young men and women to making better choices. We Lead will assist these young people in seeing life in a different way that will hopefully lead them In a different direction for a successful school year and life.

The 11th hour

This program is designed to reach parents and their young men women who are in crisis of life. It will be there to encourage them and to assist in changing their lives for successful living. Will be doing this by teaching a clear and precise plan that will help them see the big picture for living a godly life. This will be a weekly program that will meet for one hour and Half for 8 weeks at the Boys and Girls in the Murfreesboro. In this program will address many areas like Health Relationships, Effective Leadership and Effective Communication. At the end we are hoping to see the families come together and see their families coming together.

The Zone

This after-school program will help children of all ages with homework by using special projects, arts, crafts, life skills, scripture memory, and other activities to get them zoned in on education and life change. The focus will be on success in education that will lead to success in life. This three-hour free after school program will be for the students Who may struggle in and out of the classroom and reaching those heights may be a little challenging for them. If we can find that area where they can get zoned in stay focused then they will see the success they are seeking that will blast them into that zone.

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