The 4 P's

Momma has always reminded us as children of four things that would help us in life. Number one, “Watch the PEOPLE with whom you hang around.’ Number two, “Be careful and watchful in the PLACES you go.” Number three, “Be mindful of what you do (POSSESSIONS) and what you spend your money on.” And number four is, always remember who you are and , where you came from and (POSITION) where you want to be.

I never understood the real meaning and how impactful this advice was until I was grown and had to make decisions on how to live my life. What she was saying is, one good or bad choice, can lead/impact another and so on and so on.

When we have the desire to want to be in a particular position in our lives, then we have to be particular about who and what we allow into our lives. The road we take may seem hard to choose at first, but it gets easier when we learn not to align ourselves with those that are not in line with the position we want.

If you are not in your desired position or at least on the road to it. If you’re trying to make the necessary change in order to get on the path to that desired position and you need help in getting there, I want to help you by starting with what I call the 4P’s to My Change.

Let’s begin by asking, “Who are the people in my life?” Where am I going ? “What are the things I possess?” “In what position do I want to be in ?”

We will take a look at these 4p’s and see where some changes can take place to get you on this new path to change.

Whether or not we’re in a constant state of awareness, the people we hang around tell a grand story about what we think of ourselves. Similarly, the places we frequent offer insight to our internal environment. The possessions we have and the activities we engage in reveal what’s most important to us, and our current position in life is a direct reflection of these other three components.

People help, hurt, or hinder your choices. Places help, hurt, or hinder your thoughts. Possessions help, hurt, or hinder your growth. Positions are the result of the help, hurt, or hindrances you manifest in your life.

I pray this guide helps you to choose wisely.


  1. Name the people in your life you know who share your vision and help hold you accountable?
  2. Name the people in your life you know who do not share your vision and may hurt/hinder you from trying to reach your goals?
  3. Name the people in your life who may know your vision but just don’t care either way if you achieve it or not?

If you have people in our life that you are not sure of where they fall? Let’s look over your relationship with them and see what experiences you share the most with them. Once you see where people fall in your life then, you can began to deal with them accordingly.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  1. Do I need these people in my life? Y/N? Why?
  2. Do I need to limit my time with them? Y/N? Why? 
  3. Do I see the affects they are causing me for reaching my vision? Y/N What is it?


  1. Name the places where you may go in your life that can? help you achieve your vision?
  2. Name the places that you may go in your life that hurt you in achieving your vision?
  3. Name the places that you may go in your life that hinder you from achieving your vision?

If you have places you go that you are not sure if they are good for you, then you need to take time and look at them a little closer to see where they fall. These places can be physical in that they can disrupt the natural function of your body and jeopardize your health. These places can also be mental. They can represent space that can send you to the darkness of depression, confusion, doubt, loneliness and to the point where it can be hard to come out.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself..


  1. Where are places I can go that help me achieve my vision?
  2. Where are the places I can go that hurt me in achieving my vision?
  3. Where are the places I go that hinger me in achieving my vision?


  1. What are the things I may say to or about myself that help me achieve my vision?
  2. What are the things that I may say to or about myself that hurt me in achieving my vision?
  3. What are the things that I may say to or about myself that hinder me in achieving my goals?


It is great to do and own things in life. At no time would I ever say that doing things or owning things are bad. Now, if those things keep you from achieving your vision, goals or dreams, then we will need to examine these things closely. We all love doing and owning things in our lives that’s what makes life exciting. Sometimes, doing and owning certain things help make our lives easier. Then there are things that we do /own that hurt or hinder our lives and create problems to the path of our vision and goals.

What do you possess inside of you that you have not owned up to that has hurt or hindered you from getting on your path to your vision?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  1. What I do/own, is it helping me to achieve my vision? Y/N? How?
  2. What I do/ own, is it hurting me in achieving my vision? Y/N? How?
  3. What should I be doing/owing to help me in achieving my vision? 


Trying to get in the right position in life is sometimes hard to do. The long and grueling day to day grind can sometimes get in the way or make it hard. But taking the time to make sure we are doing what is right for our vision by. Going to the right people, who are taking us to the right places. And helps us do the right thing then right positions is not far behind.

If you’re not seeing the results in your life that you want. Then you have to go back and look at the people, places and possessions in your life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is my vision realistic? Y/N? Why or Why not?
  2. Is my vision obtainable ? Y/N? Why or Why not?
  3. Is this my vision or someoneelse’s? Y/N? Why or Why not?

Proverbs 29:18

“Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.”

Having those things in place that will assist you in staying focus while going after and obtaining your goal(s) will be very beneficial. The Bible refers to these as “Restraints”. Restraints are designed to hold and restrict your movement.. They not only hold you in place, restrict your movement, but they allow you to stay focused to keep moving toward your vision.

It will look a little like this. 

Insert your answers for the green, these are people, places and possessions that help you to your vision.

Insert your answers for the red, these are the people, places, and possessions that are hurting or hindering you to your vision.

Yellow are the restraints that hold you to your vision. Don’t cross them or you will be outside your vision.

Blue is you achieving your vision.

Black is where you are now.

As you look at your answers and see what you have filled in, the next thing you have to do is work. That means take what you have and work it until your vision comes to past.

Knowing is half the battle, the other half is putting in the work. This may seem small but it is more than you ever thought.

Here is a quote to think on.

“Dreams are free, Goals cost. Are you willing to pay the cost to have your dreams come true?”
– Usain Bolt

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