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Our Mission Statement

The Nicholas Foundation exists to provide and create excitement for young people in the areas of education and training that will manifest greater opportunities of living in the name of Jesus Christ.

Why the Need?

  • Youth between the ages of 8 – 17 are more at-risk for homelessness than adults
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth between the ages of 10-24 years
  • Teens with 6 or more adverse childhood experiences (i.e., abuse, juvenile detention, parents’ divorce, etc.) are expected to die 20 years earlier than their peers.

There are currently no existing programs in our local communities that offer programs designed to promote educational change through the gospel. No programming is available at free of cost for after-school help for families that can’t either afford the programs or have transportation to participate.

There are also no programs in our local communities that offer help to the young men who have been in the Juvenile Center or have been in the Juvenile Court System many times to help them change their current path to a destructive life.

The Nicholas Foundation will stand in the gap as a ministry that will fill these voids while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our programs are designed specifically for the issues facing at-risk youth in our communities.

Our goal is to reach as many young people in our communities as possible. By participating in mentoring and education programs each person will learn they can have hope and things can change. Change will come through educational and spiritual instruction, upholding the Bible as God’s inspired Word and as the complete and final authority on all matters of life and faith. In turn, we hope youth will feel empowered and excited, which will manifest greater opportunities of living in the name of Jesus Christ to help change the course of their lives.

We want to “Break Chains for Change” and give our youth a different perspective on life that will give them a different view of what success can be.

Michael Davis

Meet Our Founder

Michael created the Nicholas Foundation to bring excitement to young people in the areas of education and training.He's worked with the urban youth of Murfreesboro for over 20 years. During this time, he implemented several community programs such as the Lunch Buddy Program, Moving Forward Program (Single mother mentoring), Community Homework Help, summer basketball and flag football camps, summer educational camps, a youth community choir and a community center called "The Den".

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